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Upper – Receive your impression kit promptly. Enjoy free shipping and a money-back guarantee (minus shipping costs).

Discover how Digital Denture Studio creates at-home dentures and partials effortlessly! We provide a user-friendly at-home impression kit with complimentary shipping and expert assistance. Following your submission, a dentist will meticulously review your impressions and design your bespoke high-end denture or partial. Finally, we discreetly deliver your new smile to your doorstep.

Upper Denture Product Overview:

Distinguishing ourselves from other platforms, all cases are supervised by dentists and maintain the quality of a traditional dental office – without the need for an office visit.

Select your preferred tooth and gum shade using the provided shade guide in your impression kit.

For Dentures, we exclusively use top-grade materials. The Lucitone Denture Base Resin, an industry-standard acrylic, boasts high-impact strength, exceptional resistance to flexure fatigue, superior tissue coloration, realistic vein simulation, and balanced translucency. Lucitone is available in various aesthetic shades, is cadmium-free, and undergoes a heat-curing process.

What’s included in your order?

  • A dedicated consultant for comprehensive assistance
  • Custom impression trays in multiple sizes
  • Professional-grade impression materials
  • Shade guides for gums and teeth
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free UPS Return label

How long will it take?

Perfecting your smile is a meticulous process, and we prioritize excellence. When you purchase dentures online, we perform a bite block and wax trial to ensure perfection before crafting the final denture, mirroring the standards of a dental office. Some sites may skip this crucial step. The timeline for partials depends on the case and the number of teeth, with Partials and Flippers potentially completed in as fast as 1-2 weeks. Each case varies, and we avoid rushing perfection for your new, high-quality smile! Optional and custom features may extend the processing time.

Have a specific request? Feel free to ask; we can accommodate almost anything!

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